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Ennelle Skin & Hair Co.

Daily Facial Pack

Daily Facial Pack

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Ennelle Daily Facial Pack contains:

  • 100 ml of Face Butter
  • 120 gm of Face Scrub
  • 1 Sangria Moisturizing Soap


Our Ennelle Daily Facial Pack is the perfect combination to help you have your Spa-like Facial treatment right in the comfort of your home. Gift yourself some love and enjoy the afterglow.

It is easy to use and helps you get healthy, nourished skin which glows everyday.

Make it a part of your daily routine and enjoy the compliments from people around you.

Use it everyday for best results.


Directions For Use:

Night routine:

Wet your face. Work up a good lather with Ennelle Double Decker Soap and apply on your face in circular movements using your fingertips. Wash well and pat dry.

Now take 6 pea sized dollops of Ennelle Tropical Blossom Face Butter and apply on four areas on your face and two areas on your neck.

Gently massage your neck in upward movements using your fingertips. Then move over to the face and massage the face in upward and circular movements covering one area at a time till the face butter is evenly distributed and absorbed by your skin.

Have a good night's rest.

Morning routine:

Wet your face. Take a coin size portion of Ennelle Pure Almond Face Scrub, add a 4-5 drops of water to make it into a thick paste and apply to your face evenly. Gently massage your face for one minute.

Leave the scrub on for 10 minutes till dry.

Now wet your face and gently massage again in circular motions for 1-2 minutes.

Wash your face and pat dry.

Observe the instant glow on your face.

(Note: This can also be done just before you shower.)

Next, apply the Ennelle Face Butter as explained earlier and you are ready to face the day with your best face on.

Have a great day with your best friend, Ennelle!

Additional Information:

Our products are made from pure and natural herbal ingredients and are free from preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers.

To get the maximum benefit of our products please follow these guidelines:

We recommend a patch test before use.

We recommend that you use our products within 5 months from purchase.

Always keep our products in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat, as temperature changes can affect the effectiveness, consistency and life of the product.

Always use clean, dry fingers or a spoon to scoop out the product.

Close the lid of the jar tightly after every use to lock in the fragrance of the natural oils.


* Patch Test:

Take a small amount of the product and apply it to clean and dry skin.

Apply it on the inner area of your upper arm near the crook of your elbow. Leave it on your skin for 24 hours. Note the result after 24 hours. If there is no reaction then you can safely use the product.

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the product then a reaction will appear. Allergic responses could include itching, redness, swelling, a burning sensation, rash or stinging sensation. Usually the reaction will occur within 24 hours of application.


** As our products are handcrafted with natural & organic ingredients in small batches, there could be slight variations in their colour and fragrance from batch to batch.

*** Our products may soften or even melt in transit during very warm weather, if it happens keep it in a cool place to regain it's consistency.


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